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Positive Shooting Sports Education

A recent episode of the ABC current affairs show, 4 corners highlighted the lack of education about the lawful use of firearms. The average person doesn’t realise what the true picture is, they only have the biased view presented by media and anti-gun twats.

I have spoken with several people that supposedly were anti-gun, pro-gunlaws that didn’t know that sporting shooters and other legal owners weren’t able to buy easily semi-autos/pumps. They thought the 1996 bans only applied to people without a licenses. When I explained the whole process we have go through just to buy a rimfire or shotgun let alone c/f and handguns they usually are surprised.

The cross confusion with the USA and here doesn’t help the understanding either, lots thought we can buy guns as easy as the USA.

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Americans – Activist or Apathetic?

Having followed US politics for 50+ years, I have come to the conclusion that Americans get the Government they all deserve.

Get out there and make a difference. Stop being so apathetic about the IDIOTS that are / have / will be in power. Sitting on your big fat ASS watching your country go down the DRAIN.
Think, Agitate, React, Campaign, Donate, Help out, VOTE. Join or start a new political party, there is more to politics than just Republicans and Democrats (Don’t get me started on the TeaParty idiots).
Do whatever it takes to get real effective leadership and governance. It is not presidents that make a difference, it is the attitudes of the people that allow clowns to be your leaders.

Just don’t accept whatever is dished up by idiots that in a real democracy wouldn’t be allowed… Continue reading

ATV or All-Terrain Vehicle

I recently started the process to re-apply for a firearms licence. Once again I will be able to enjoy the pleasures of hunting, camping and target shooting.

In the past when my health was better and I was younger, I would hike in and stalk on foot. Now however as old age creeps ever onward I have decided the best option for me is to buy an off-road vehicle. Traditional 4WD’s are too big and motorcycles are too small there is only type of vehicle left.
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Repair My Credit Now

Recently an American based friend of mine told me about his difficulties about getting any Credit cards. He has had problems in the past with his credit ratings due to being un-employed for a period of time during the Global financial Crisis. I explained to him that sometimes it is easier to get rid of a bad credit rating than some people think. There are several companies that offer assistance in this.
The best company I have heard of is They have extensive experience in giving the RIGHT and Legal advice to assist people to obtain a better Credit rating. RMCN Credit Services even have a excellent YouTube video that explains what they can do for their clients. I stressed to my friend how important is was to use a reputable and trusted service like RMCN to repair his… Continue reading